Daafi- a whole experience of living in the midst of nature. At Daafi you will be surrounded by the serenity of blissful misty air , sun soaked fresh air , clear blue skies as your eyes wonder around the paranomic beauty. Not enough! We are at the hill top and we promise you a 360 degree view of the Himalayan ranges packed with lush green Deodar and Cheel trees, standing and looking up high at the skies; proud of the hundreds of years of history they have lived through. The divineness of the deodar trees will totally douse you in their charm. An apple a day keeps the doctor away... well we wont like our doctor fraternity to stay away. At Daafi, you are right next to the apple orchards and we welcome one and all to come experience the magic of plucking your own sweet juicy apples- fresh & organic! Daafi is a local word in the area. It essentially is the sitting area in the verandah of the village homes. A significant place in every home. Sitting at the Daafi means one could simply enjoy the natural beauty of the hills , or just shout out to passersby , neighbors or absolute strangers and strike a friendly conversation anytime of the day.

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