The Sarion cottage is named after a village in Theog district. This unit at Daafi is an independent unit with an elaborate living area, a bedroom and an attic room. The rooms are interconnected and best suited for a small family that would like to be together just the way they are at home!

The speciality of this unit lies in the way the walls have been done up in mud finish... Typical to the old and ancestral homes in villages, with a stone and wood combination.

Having said which the interiors are done to completely take care of the modern amenities which are so basic to our modern lifestyles.

The living room has a small pantry unit and a sofa set with chairs to relax and spend a comfortable chat session with family/friends.

The living area opens on one side to the balcony area with sitting space which is the local language is called 'Daafi'. Enjoy the view from this place as you sip your hot cup of coffee/tea.

The bedroom has a twin sharing bed and a daafi (sitting area). It has an attached bathroom. This bedroom opens into a private sitting area overlooking/overseeing are the apple orchards.

The Sarion cottage has a beautiful attic room with a attached bathroom. This too has a twin sharing bed and a daafi.

The Sarion cottage is perfect to give you and your family an independent, comfortable and private space at Daafi.

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Room Amenities

Split AC in all the rooms

24 hour Power Backup

Electric Kettle


Hotel Policies

• Daafi is a tastefully done home with a lot of love. That is also a reason why you chose us! Please keep the place clean so you continue to be in love with it, just like your own home.

• Hills are no exception to the growing shortfall and scarcity of water and electricity. While we have made sufficient provisions for your comfortable stay. Please do your bit to preserve the natural resources and avoid wastage.

• You are in the midst of nature. Do not be paranoid if you see a spider around or a fly. This is there home too. These guys mean no harm to anyone. So stay calm and call the helper if you are a weak heart (not literally!!!)

• Books/ Board games provided in Daafi are meant for you. Please use them carefully and keep them back in the same place before you leave.

• Any breakage or damage to the home has to be borne by the offender.

• We know you love the bonfires and you love your music. We do so too. Just be little empathetic towards the villagers around. Lets not make it too loud in the wee hours of the night.

• We trust you are responsible adults. While you go around for a nature walk towards the forest or you stroll down to the apple orchards around , please do not litter. Its a STRICT NO NO in and around Daafi. Lets keep the beauty of the place intact. So you have reasons to come back to us again & again!